TER #126 – LGBTI+ Youth in Schools with Benjamin Law – 21 Jan 2019


Main Feature: Benjamin Law shares his experience of being a gay teenager in an Australian school.

Regular Features: Marco Cimino discusses his podcast Oh the Humanities! (and Social Sciences), Cameron discusses a UK study on managerialism and teacher professional identity and well-being.


00:00 Opening Credits

01:31 Intro

02:19 Marco Cimino – Interview

10:17 Managerialism and teacher well-being


26:00 Feature Introduction

28:01 Benjamin Law – Interview

50:41 Sign off & Credits

TER #125 – A STEM Teacher’s Journey with Murray Henstock – 6 Jan 2019


Main Feature: Murray Henstock shares his personal journey into teaching STEM and researching motivation and learning, and shares examples of his work running STEM projects in schools.

Education in the News: Cameron examines what’s been said, and not said, regarding entry standards into education degrees.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
02:14 Education in the News
13:22 Feature Introduction
13:59 Interview – Murray Henstock
53:32 Sign Off

TER’s Top 5 in 2018!



2018 has been a smashing year for the TER podcast, hitting a record high number of subscribers and downloads, with the number of downloads in 2018 accounting for nearly 50% of the total over the podcasts five-and-a-half year history!

We were once again runners-up in the Australian Podcast Awards, and because of the work of the award organisers, TER was added to the Australian Film and Sound Archive!

Thank you to all of the guests, contributors, and, of course, listeners, who have supported the TER podcast on its continued journey and growth. We look forward to bringing you more interesting educational content in 2019.

For now, here are the 5 most popular episodes from 2018…


1. TER #110 – A conversation with Sir Ken Robinson – 1 April 2018



2. TER Topics – Project Based Learning



3. TER #108 – ACARA’s Literacy and Numeracy Progressions with Hilary Dixon – 18 Feb 2018



4. TER #113 – Undertaking a research degree while teaching – 27 May 2018



5. TER #112 – Perspectives on Gonski 2 – 13 May 2018


TER #124 – 2018, Year in Review with Bronwyn Hinz – 24 Dec 2018

124 banner

In the last episode for 2018, Bronwyn Hinz joins us to discuss the educational highlights, low-lights, and missed opportunities of 2018.

Links & Timecodes:

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
07:23 Interview – Bronwyn Hinz

41:09 Acknowledgements & Sign Off

TER Topics – Computers in Education


This episode brings together feature interviews from episodes #58 and #85 of the TER Podcast.

The first interview is with Peter West, from TER #58 in November of 2015 discussing a whole school approach to Blended Learning, and the second is with Dr Simon Crook, from TER #85 in February of 2017, in which he discusses his PhD research into the impact of 1 to 1 laptop programs on teaching high school science.


00:00 Opening Credits
00:33 Intro
01:43 Interview – Peter West
44:02 Interview – Dr Simon Crook
01:21:01 Sign Off